It is the service provided by orthodontist which is concerned with the patients and parents education. In this we carry out various diagnostic procedures to predict appearance of maloulusion and the treatment procedure initiated to prevent the onset of maloulusion. It includes:

  • Parent Education
  • Caries Control
  • Care of Milk Teeth
  • Space Maintenance
  • Habit breaking appliance etc.

This consist us services provided by us to recognize and eliminate potential irregularities and malportions of the developing dento –facial complex. It prevents the maloulusion to progress into severe one.It includes:

  • Serial Extraction
  • Space regaining
  • Muscle Exercises
  • Connection of abnormal habit etc.

The treatment done by an orthodontist to stimulate or limit the growth of jaws and skeletal statures by using an appliance. Such as functional appliances. As the name suggests this treatment can be done only during growing age. So children below 15 years of age can undergo this treatment.

This service is provided to actually correct the preset Malocclusion .It means we have to put braces (Brackets) on the teeth to correct the Malocclusion.This can be done by extracting or none extracting the teeth. In some cases only extraction of teeth is required.

Part of treatment includes correction of Malocclusion after age of 25 also. It means that treatment has NO AGE BAR just the gingival and bone condition should be favorable. Due to increase in awareness about the treatment modalities and socio-economic condition of general public there is increase in the number of adult treatment. Half of our practice is constituted by the adult patients.

As the name suggest this phase includes surgical. This science consist of correction of Maloulurion by surgical Intervention for correcting the deformity of skeletal system. This is required only when the treatment done by corrective way (i.e. Braces) is not so effective and the patient is not in growing age.

This is required sometimes when only general dental treatment can’t give 100% results.Some Dental treatments do need completion of position of teeth for proper result. Eg- during bridge or implant placement periodontal problems etc. In such condition, orthodontic treatment is done to facilitate the general dentist provide both Volute